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The process behind a garment's path from cotton field to consumer is usually purposefully invisible.   At T by Dem we can show all the steps that are included, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have around this subject.  This way we can create awareness for how garments affect the environment where the raw materials comes from, and for the people working there.  Transparency is a premise for the credibility towards our customers and our co-workers.  Thank you for getting this far into our site.

Cotton farming

Our organic and fair trade certified cotton is farmed by Chetna Organics in Hyderabad in Central India.  Drip water irrigation is used for least possible water waste, and the farmers receives good pay for their harvest.  No one needs to be exposed for dangerous pesticides and chemicals, and GMOs are not an option.  Crop rotation insures fertile soil.  Certified with GOTS and FLO.

Cotton Ginning

After the annual harvest (mid Oct-Mid November usually, depending on the rains) the cotton fibers have to be separated from the cottonseed (some seed goes back to be new cotton plants, and some is pressed to gain the very lubricous cotton oil, used for cooking) The fibres are then cleaned and pressed into bales.


The bales of cotton is transported by train from Hyderabad to Tamil Nadu, in South India, to be spun into thread   The spinning for our Maker Skirts is made at KKP Spinning Mills in Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, a company that of course also are certified by both GOTS and FLO.


Some of the fabrics for our Maker Skirts are yarn dyed and some are dyed solid.  Denim fabrics are always yarn dyed

The dark blue, grey and brown Maker Skirt are dyed by BKS Textiles in Palladam, Tamil Nadu, and woven by the same.  Naturally GOTS and FLO certified, all the way.  BKS Textiles has also woven the fabric for our red and black Maker Skirt, but the dyeing process for these 2 skirts is made at Korallen in Kinnarumma Sweden (we imported RFD (Ready for Dye) fabric to Sweden, dyed it, and then stitched at Atacac) Korallen is certified dyeing unit by Bra Miljöval/Good Environmental Choice, and labelled Sustainable Dyeing.

The pink, green and yellow maker Skirts are plant dyed by the Colours of Nature in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, and they also did the weaving of the fabric.


The printing inside the Maker Skirts are made by Kajskjul 46, a social venture, located in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The first round of Maker Skirts are sewn at Atacac at Ringön in Gothenburg, http://atacac.com/  housed in the same building as By Dem Sweden.  Some of our clothes will be sewn at our partner factories in India in the future.

quality and price

Quality is crucial for us.  A T by Dem garment lasts for a long time.  So it cost a bit more:  The  price it actually cost to produce with responsibility in all the necessary steps.  The price represents sustainability, a sense of  good shopping, and of being a part of influencing everything to the better.