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There are 4 models of the Maker Skirt.
All cut in the same A-line style. See more at Maker Skirt


Maker Skirt Chambray Short

Maker Skirt Chambray Short


Grey Chambray. A wrap-around skirt with 2 pockets in the front, a side pocket, and a tool loop. A size-flexible garment that adjusts with ties and overlaps in the back. See more at Maker Skirt

Made of 100% organic and fair trade denim. See Production

20 inches long.

The skirts are sized by the width of the front piece:

14”= 0 (XS-S) 15.5”= 1 (S-M) 17”= 2 (M-L) 18.5”= 3 (L-XL) 20”= 4 (XL)

Measure the front half of your waist and match that number of inches to find your size above. This will ensure good coverage in the back.

For questions please email tove@tbydem.com

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