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All products are created in organic and fair produced textiles sourced by Annika Axelsson at By Dem Gothenburg. Thank you for finding us and enjoy your browsing. This is a growing collection and we’ll update products as we continue to develop at a slow-fashion pace. If there is anything you can dream up that you would like to see here, please let us know at tove@tbydem.com


Gift Card

Gift Card

from 55.00

A great way to give someone their own choice of what we offer in the organic and ethically produced collection here at T by Dem!

We send a numbered Gift Card to the address you provide us with, and the recipients name on the card, if you wish. The recipient of the gift card contacts us to order their choice of product at tove@tbydem.com or at 1.802.488.4455.

Thank you for giving while showing respect for people and planet.❤️🍃

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