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The process behind a garment's path from fiber to consumer is usually purposefully invisible. Since the very beginning, as a part of the By Dem foundation, we intentionally have shown all the steps in our production chain. Throughout the years we have been working in the field, with cotton-farmers and pickers, spent countless hours in the ginning and spinning, weaving, knitting and dyeing units, visited silk producers and many other manufactures. Add to that all the hours we have been working in the actual garment factories ourselves, and you will find a very devoted company.  -Did we mention that we founded our own garment factories along the way? Well, we did, and we are very happy and proud about this.

This way we can create awareness for how garments affect the environment where the raw materials come from and how it affects the people working there. Transparency is a premise for the credibility towards our customers and co-workers. We invite You to share our expertise, and our fully-fledged, amazing network of producers that can create anything from your own range of T-shirts to full collections, and beyond... Sounds interesting?

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