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She couldn't find a good textile factory.  So she started her own.  That is Annika's story.

What do you do if you realize that you can't find rightly produced t-shirts on the market?  Give up and choose clothes that does not stand up to ones expectations, or roll up your sleeves and start your own clothing business that proves you can produce clothes without damaging the environment or abusing your work force?

Annika Axelsson was part of starting a factory on Sri Lanka with the implementation of:  living wages for the employees, co-determination and the right to organize themselves in unions.  And by just allowing the use of sustainable produced material.  To make clothes with respect for people and environment made up the core for the operation that became By Dem.  And it went well.

The Gothenburg division of by Dem has as a mission to inspire new ways of thinking and acting as a role model for companies that wants to make a difference.  This textile company that shows you can produce textiles and clothes without damaging the environment and abusing a work force, has received multiple awards.


She could not find the right combination of quality, ethics, price, and style.  So she brought the company to where she lives.  That is Tove's story.

By Dem comes to the US. Today we have T by Dem for the American Residential, Retail, Fashion, Food, Music and Hospitality Industry.  We take it further one step at the time.  We work towards quality and design in the smallest cut and stitch.

In sync with that the world is changing, and awareness and knowledge expands, we produce not just from the above self-evident base but also while considering the full life expectancy of the garment and beyond.

Some call it circular-, economy, production, or consumption.  We call it common sense, or why not "dust to dust".  Does it sound interesting?  Welcome here and we can tell you more about how we can assist you and your operation to make a natural choice.

T by Dem is here.  Be in touch.