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Maker Skirt


Maker Skirt


Our signature garment: A wrap-around skirt with 2 pockets in the front, a side pocket, and a tool loop. A size-flexible garment that adjusts with ties and overlaps in the back.  Studio photos by Jessica Sipe.


“Thank you Tove for creating a classic! The T by Dem Maker Skirt in it’s simplicity, inspired by workwear, is a work of art. There is something reassuringly constant and no nonsense about the Maker Skirt that provides true functionality and crazy hip cool.” Clare Wool

“I personally see my Maker Skirt as a fashionable addition to my wardrobe. I fell for the simple cut and the utility pockets. I wear mine with knee high boots in the winter and clogs or sandals would be my summer version. The wrapping pattern provides all day comfort, never too tight.” Korinna Hillemann


“I LOVE my Maker Skirts! I have two. The dark blue denim I use to paint in, and the long grey when I want to dress up but still need to bring ‘stuff’ with me. They are fashionable, comfortable, and functional! What more can you ask for?!” Holly Jeffers

Maker Skirts