T by Dem
knowing what you wear matters
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T by Dem is a real, no-nonsense alternative to fast fashion. We bring clothes to the market produced without pesticides, hazardous chemicals, exploited workers, or dried out lakes.

T by Dem is quite new in the US, but our base in Sweden started back in 2002. We are a design and clothes company showing it is possible to produce and consume in a better manner, without compromising ethical and ecological values. The basic outline for us is to design and make contemporary clothes produced with respect for people and planet, from the cotton field to ready-to-wear garment, while honoring core values as transparency and sustainability.

Our signature garment is the organic denim Maker Skirt: where fashion, work-, and outdoor- wear meet. The Maker Skirt works in all those accounts which is a really good thing, and so 2019. We are here to influence consumption patterns while taking responsibility for the consequences of production, and we hope to partner with you for the ride.

Our product line is evolutionary, we are developing additional garments to be released this summer/fall, and f you have anything you would like to see in your store but haven’t found on the market yet, we'd consider coming up with products together. We have an IG account at @tbydem for daily inspiration.

Amelie wearing the short denim wrap maker skirt
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Annika Axelson, Founder of By Dem Sweden, and Tove Ohlander, one of the Founders of AO Glass, and Owner of T by Dem in the US.